• The Music of Stephen Foster

    My latest album is now available for streaming and purchase! The album features modernized and reinterpreted songs from the "Father of American Music", Stephen Foster.

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  • Paul Otteson: Prairie Du Chien

    I once again had the pleasure of mixing the latest album from incredible Wisconsin musician, Paul Otteson.

    Featuring gorgeous strings, brass, and marimba beneath lush folk tunes, Paul has created an engrossing and atmospheric listening experience.

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  • Solo Album: New Season

    This album is the culmination of several years of songwriting and recording. It is a sort of retrospective that explores the passing of time and seasons and how it affects us.

    As a home recording, the album features my wife, Cassie, as well as guitarists Chris Champion and Tyler Steele.

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  • Live at the Underground

    In the fall of 2012, I played an acoustic show at the Underground on the Dakota State University campus, opening for the band, Amos Slade.

    Check out the opening song from the three-camera HD video shoot with sound recorded by Nathan Fields and camerawork by Cody Welu and Nathanial Burrer.

    Link to Video

  • "Overcast" Project: Sketches

    My new project under the title "Overcast", features sparse ambient guitar in a series of aural "sketches" using reverb and delay effects.

    These first recordings in the series were created at the 2012 "Take the Day" arts event in Sioux Falls, where each artist produces a finished product over the course of a single day.

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  • Podcast: Here in the Middle

    This is a continuing Podcast series created to discuss independent arts, culture, and music in the Midwest.

    Check out our first series of episodes, which includes interviews with English Professor Stacey Berry, as well as musicians Paul Otteson and John Statz.

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  • Paul Otteson: Robin Red

    I had the incredible opportunity to team up again with award-winning Wisconsin songwriter, Paul Otteson.

    I mixed and mastered his latest album, which Paul describes as "blurring the lines between chamber-folk and Americana." It is now available for purchase and download.

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Audio Engineer

I have engineered award-winning albums with a specialization in acoustic and folk-rock styles. Album credits include midwest-based artists John Statz, Tony Memmel, and Paul Otteson. My work is ongoing as a freelance engineer for studio and live sound.

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Having earned a degree in Audio Production from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and a Graduate degree in Electronic Music from Northern Illinois University, I now teach full-time at Dakota State University as an assistant professor of Audio Production.

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As an experienced singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist, I have played numerous live shows throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and South Dakota over many years. I have published a self-titled album and will be releasing a new album featuring the songs of Stephen Foster in July.

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In addition to my audio skills, I am classically trained in music theory, composition, and voice. I combine these skills with my electronic music training to compose engaging experimental works built on the art of musique concrète as well as HD video production.

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