Tesla Coil Music (SEAMUS 2009)

I might as well start with the “grand finale” of the conference… two huge Tesla coils making music!  This is perhaps the most dangerous instrument ever conceived.  It is a type of resonant transformer circuit originally conceived by scientist Nikola Tesla that creates high frequency alternating current.  In other words, it looks really, really cool. They began with an electro-acoustic piece, and then had some fun:

The system came from the University of Illinois and was performed and/or assisted by Scott Wyatt, Mark Smart, Steve Ward, Lippold Haken, Terry Blake, and Jeff Larson.  We also had an unexpected visitor in this video:

I have only begun to scratch the surface as far as learning what Tesla Coils are all about, but here are some links to begin learning about them:

Tesla Society

Types of Tesla Coils and how to build them

More Tesla links and info

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