Take the Day 2011

Cassie and I packed up yesterday morning (October 1st) in preparation for her to participate in the Washington Pavilion’s “Take the Day” arts event in Sioux Falls. Throughout the day, 44 artists gather together for 12 hours and create a piece of art to be displayed at that evening’s reception. The surprise came when we arrived and one of the event coordinators told us that the person who had been scheduled to do audio production as a part of their art project had dropped out at the last minute. This suddenly turned into a great opportunity, and I scrambled to find some monitor speakers and started working on a composition as a part of the event!

Cassie was very focused throughout the day, and continued her work on painting small ceramic still-life objects, this one being a small bear. Her current collection of works can be seen on her website.

For my project, I decided to compose an electro-acoustic work that was inspired by the event itself. There were a lot of power tools and other loud noises around me, which made it hard to hear my speakers at times. Because of this, I chose to embrace the noise and capture various sounds around the room that were subsequently incorporated into my piece. The work begins in an ambient and somewhat random style, with an introduction to some musical themes and sounds of artists working. The sounds eventually form into a rhythmic pattern and a greater level of structure. This was my way of reflecting the way that this room full of artists came together to create one coherent show as a collection of many independent works. I designed the piece as a sequel to one of my video works from last year, “Evolver“, so this one is appropriately titled, “Evolver 2″:

Dakota State was well-represented by not only Cassie and I, but also professors Alan Montgomery, Angela Behrends, and Giles Timms. It was a long day that left us very tired at the end, but it was also very rewarding and fun to not only create a new work of art, but meet many new people and generate new interest in our work. One of the event coordinators estimated that about 2,000 people visited throughout the day and at the reception. It is great to see the arts so well-represented in the area. It was a great surprise to be a part of it!

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