Live Original Song Posted - Shadows

The acoustic show at the Fixx Coffee House was a lot of fun!  Some family and friends showed up and we had a good ‘ol time.  I am planning on posting several videos, but here is a first one from the show.  It also happens to be my first YouTube video uploaded in HD, so I’m glad I figured everything out:

And a great pic that my wife shot:

It’s hard to believe, but my final semester is just over a week away. There will me much more happening with my final video project and other fun stuff, so stay tuned as always!

A Night at Studio 303A

We went to see our good friend John Statz perform in Chicago last Wednesday night at a place called ‘Studio 303A’.  We were fortunate to meet up with him and our other good friend, Mark Roethke, for dinner.
Cassie took some great shots from the show:

Mark and I, John playing with Justin Jahnke from Flame Shark

I brought my new camera with me to take some test HD shots, and put together this video:

A Night at Studio 303A from Nathan Edwards on Vimeo.

Cassie wrote a nice post on her blog.

The new Annex site goes live!

We’re now open to the world at

This was a joint venture between Evan Merz, Dr. James Phelps, and myself.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  We are going to be posting updates about concert submissions for the Annex concert on April 24th.

I am also making a lot of progress on some new mixes for my upcoming CD this summer, so I’ll be posting some of the tracks soon.