Headed to Madison, South Dakota!

Yes, you heard right.  I just landed a new full-time teaching position at Dakota State University.  They are a tech-oriented school with about 6,000 students and an absolutely gorgeous campus.  The program that I will be involved in is called “Digital Arts and Design” and I will specifically be teaching Audio Technology classes in their relatively new audio program.  There are also some possible opportunities for Cassie on the horizon, so we are very optimistic about the relocation and all of its potential!

Madison, SD is a small city with a population of about 6,000 residents.  It is located about a 45-minute drive north of Sioux Falls, which is the largest city in South Dakota.  Madison is a friendly and quiet little city that was actually named after Madison, Wisconsin because it is between two lakes.  It looks like Sioux Falls offers a lot in terms of arts, entertainment and dining.  We are also excited about the outdoor opportunities because of the nearby lakes and state parks.

We went and saw the actual Sioux Falls!  Awesome pic by Cassie.

It’s going to be a very busy summer with the move and plans for the future, but we are looking at this as the next big step in our lives.  It is certainly bittersweet because we will miss our friends and jobs in the area and will also be living farther from home.  This is, however, an amazing opportunity and I will be giving updates as we prepare for the move.  By the way, it’s also now summer, the weather is beautiful, so we are definitely going to take the opportunity to get out and enjoy it!

On a final note, we took a relaxing getaway to Galena, Illinois last week and stayed in the Farmer’s Guest House for the third time.  It was a great time and we came back feeling refreshed.  You can read more and see more great pics on Cassie’s blog.

A Weekend in Chi-Town

My parents, along with my brother and his girlfriend all came to visit us and we took a trip into Chicago yesterday to do some exploring and see Josh Ritter play at the Vic theater.

Me, Cassie, Matt and Amber

We also had the chance to see Cassie’s MFA art show at a gallery in the city.  It was a really great show in a beautiful gallery.  Here she is with our friend Ann at the gallery:

They are hard at work at the front table.

Josh was great, as always.  The sound at the Vic theater is fantastic, and his opening act, Joe Pug, was also really great.  We ended up taking a late train home and didn’t get back until about 2:30am, but it was well worth all of the travel.  It is funny for me to think about how few families actually find a musician who they all like to go see!

Cassie and I have some of the biggest changes in our lives coming up this summer and I can’t wait to talk more about it!  For now, I’m looking forward to some sunny days and our vacation to Galena next week!

These great photos were taken by my dad!

Tony Memmel Recorded, Cassie is done!

It’s been a very eventful couple of weeks…
Cassie is now completely finished with Grad school!  Within the same week, she had her thesis show and a Graduate art show at a gallery in Chicago at 230 W. Superior.  She had a great turnout at both shows.

Look at that great looking family!

I also spent three days and close to 40 hours recording Tony Memmel and his wife, Lesleigh, several weeks ago.  It was a very busy weekend and I know that we are going to end up with a final product that we will all be incredibly proud of.

We also had the opportunity to see Cassie’s cousin, Alyssa Czisny ice skate in ‘Stars on Ice’.  She was amazing, and we wish her much more continued success in the future.

Alyssa on the right with the Grandparents